Feed them the best.

Manufacturer & wholesaler of premium, Bones & Raw Food (BARF) specialist products for dogs and cats.

Australian Made & Owned
Made with locally sourced, human grade meats, fruits & vegetables

15 Specialist Recipes
Choose from Low Fat, Low Allergy, Holistic food diets and more

Unleashing your pet’s full potential for a happy, healthy life.

At Canine Country, we believe that every pet should get the best.

The best love from their owners and the very best food to enjoy for life.

That’s where we come in.

We believe in sourcing the freshest ingredients from local suppliers and creating a premium product for any dog or cat, big or small – to live their very best life.

Our Products

Choose from over 15 different recipes, specifically tailored and designed for different diets and tastes.

BARF Portion Packs

Our Canine Country BARF portions are perfect for small dog breeds and cats. Our portion packs come in packs of six, cut to separate and thaw individually to ensure freshness for your pet and convenience for you.

BARF Rolls

Grain free, preservative free, no additives.

Our Barf Rolls come in 1kg sizes. Simply store them in the freezer and thaw before giving to your grateful pooch. Canine Country products are fresh Australia products, sourced and manufactured locally.

Fresh Mince & Pieces

At Canine Country, we are animal lovers just like you. We feed your pets the same food we feed ours.

That’s why we source the highest quality meat from local suppliers with long standing relationships. They look after us with the best product so that we stand out from the rest.

Raw Meaty Bones

Choose from a large range of bones including Beef, Chicken, Roo, Duck & Turkey for your loved one. Our bones are carefully selected to ensure the best optimal cut for your pooch to enjoy.


Why choose our BARF?

10+ years of manufacturing experience & countless testimonials from happy owners is only the start.

We take pride in creating the very best product and selecting stockists that fit our ethos and vision for creating happy, healthy furry family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question that you need Canine Country to answer?

We have curated a list of some of our most asked here to help you out.

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