About Canine Country

Made by pet owners, for pet owners

Your dogs and cats are carnivores, they have evolved from their ancestors and survived through their natural diet as it provides the very best nutrients in the form needed for maximum health. Whilst we have domesticated our pet dogs and cats and their physical appearance may have altered, on the inside they still retain the nutritional and physiological needs of their ancestors.

Bones and Raw Food (“BARF”) and Raw-meats Based Diets (“RMBD”) diets are all about fulfilling the basic dietary needs by replicating a dog’s natural diet if he or she were to live off of the land. BARF and RMBD diets are nutritionally superior, assisting in tooth health, digestion, bones, and immune function. A good, well rounded raw dog food diet should consist of raw meat (muscle and organ meat), whole or crushed bones, fruits, vegetables, raw eggs and some dairy.

At Canine Country, our recipes consist of these fundamental ingredients, with some additional recipes created to provide some variety and to help with specific conditions.

Organic Chicken BARF by Canine Country Australia

We take great pride in our product, manufacturing for pet lovers for over 10 years.

Our products;

  • only use human-grade local ingredients from local Brisbane markets and suppliers
  • are scientifically analysed to identify fat, protein and fibre levels to help inform the best product based on your pet’s needs
  • are manufactured in our purpose built Queensland manufacturing facility
  • use human-grade machinery to create our 14 different recipes
  • are manufactured via a stringent process to ensure no cross contamination between products can occur.
  • adhere to strict sanitation and quality control procedures to ensure you receive a high-quality safe product for your pet to enjoy


We also don’t believe in fancy packaging or misleading marketing trying to sell you something that isn’t the best food for your pet. We believe those costs are better spent on quality ingredients for our products.

At Canine Country we take great pride in this fact, what you see is what you get. Real food, as nature intended for your pet.

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