Fresh Mince & Pieces

Unleashing your pet’s full potential for a happy, healthy life.

Not only do we have our unique recipes, but we also offer ready made mince for wholesale and distribution.

Our mince is using the highest quality meats from local suppliers who we have long standing relationships with meaning you get the best quality at a great price.

Fresh Mince by Canine Country Australia

Our Selection

Chicken Mince

Available in 1kg rolls, 2.5kg and 5kg packs

Organic Chicken Mince

Available in portion packs only

Beef Mince

Available in 1kg rolls

Roo Mince

Preservative Free 1kg Rolls

Beef & Roo Mince

Available in 1kg Rolls

Lean Beef Pieces

Available in 2.5kgs bags

Offal Mince

Kangaroo & Goat Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lung, Trachea available in Portion Packs

Puppy Mince

Finely minced Chicken Meat & Bone,
Beef, Roo, Carrots, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Spinach.

Available in Portion Packs & 1kg Rolls

Super White Mince

Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Fish & 1kg rolls

Value Plus Range

Choose from:

  • Chicken & Beef
  • Chicken & Roo
  • Chicken & Vegetables
  • Chicken, Beef & Roo

Available in 1kg rolls

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