Composite Red BARF

The ultimate Composite Red BARF by Canine Country.
Scientifically formulated for the ultimate health of your dog.

BARF Diet Analysis:
Crude Fat: 12.2g/100g
Protein: 12.9g/100g
Crude Fibre: 0.2g/100g

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Composite Red BARF ingredients:

  • Chicken, Meat and Bone
  • Roo, Beef, Lamb and Fish
  • Fruit & Vegetables
    • Apples, Pumpkin, Carrots, Kale, Beans, Leafy Greens & Seasonal Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Yoghurt
  • Linseed Oil
  • Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Kelp
  • Garlic (controlled portion)

Available in 1kg Rolls or 1kg Portion Trays
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