Benefits of BARF by Canine Country

Real food equals real happy pets.

Naturally, our pets were never meant to eat processed or cooked foods however most pet food today is offered in a dry kibble form that is made this way. Through clever marketing, most consumers believe that this is the best way to feed your pets. But here at Canine Country, we believe that this is doing more harm than good for your pet.

Here is why we believe our BARF recipes are the best option for the long term health of your dog or cat.

Retains beneficial enzymes

Similar to some human foods, the more you cook something removes most natural, beneficial nutrients and enzymes that add to your overall health. However, unlike us, pets do not have the ability to create their own good gut enzymes, that need to rely on us to provide it to them.

When food (like kibble or cooked meats) are brought to a specific temperature, these beneficial enzymes and nutrients are destroyed, meaning your pet loses all the benefits they need for a healthy digestive tract. Without these enzymes, your pet’s organs need to work twice as hard to break down the nutrients in the food they eat.

Most dry kibble brands go through extensive baking and drying processes, so when you are feeding your pet kibble, you’re really just feeding them food that will fill them but not provide the optimal nutrients to help support healthy organ function.

Composite White BARF by Canine Country Australia

No harmful preservatives

Our pets love us, and therefore trust us with whatever food we put in front of them. Even kibble smells good to our pets so they happily eat it. While some dry kibble brands use natural preservatives made from Vitamin C or E, some may use synthetic products which can spell bad news long term for your pet and may factor into certain skin irritations or allergies. Some toxic preservatives have even been known to cause problems in the liver, blood and have certain cancer-causing compounds.

Not all products are created equal. Choosing to feed your pet healthy whole foods as nature intended provides your pet the best diet. Choose Canine Country and see the difference for yourself.

Better overall health

Many Canine Country customers over the 10+ years of looking after their pets have reported numerous health benefits from both starting or switching to a BARF diet. Dogs with little energy or old arthritic dogs have been reported to have a new lease on life with remarkable improvements in mobility and activity levels. Dogs suffering from skin allergies or irritations from biting & scratching have been known to disappear.

These are just some of the overall benefits you can gain from switching to a BARF diet.

  • Cheaper vet bills long term, including less overhead costs on cortisone or medicated washes for dogs with allergies

  • Your pet will benefit from a leaner body mass, increased lean muscle mass, increasing the animal’s metabolic rate and energy levels

  • Shinier, softer & healthier looking coat

  • Naturally, beautiful clean white teeth, less chances of gum disease and noticeable better breath.

  • No more doggy odour and reduced stool volume because your pets digestive system is processing all those good nutrients and enzymes as it should

  • Kittens and puppies fed raw food from the very beginning almost never show problems of obesity.

  • Longer life expectancy and a happy, healthy pet for life.
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